Picture Perfect MeasurementTM:
Accurate 3D measurement with V-STARS
We provide the V-STARS systems
using digital photogrammetry.

  •   Fast results FFFFF 
    Measures all the points simultaneously.
    V-STARS measures thousands of points in a matter of minutes.
    Single camera V-STARS systems gives you the results shortly after the photography of the object is taken. The 3D results are obtained instantly when the multiple camera system V-STARS/M is used. Using the INCA4 cameras allows you to benefit from the ultra-fast wireless connection.
  •   Highly accurate  
    V-STARS photogrammetry measurement accuracy exceeds 1:200 000 of the measured volume (0.025mm on a 5 meter object)
  •   Portable  
    V-STARS can be transported to anywhere thanks to its lighweight battery.
  •   Non-Contact  
    No force applied to the part being measured. The oparator does not touch the object being measured
  •   Immune to vibration  
    V-STARS operates in unstable environments. Floors can be vibrating and unstable during the measuremet.
    MEWPs (Mobile elevating work platforms), cranes and ladders can also be used.
    The measured object can vibrate or move during the measurement as long as its shape does not change.
  •   High data rate  
    The time to obtain the measurement result for thousands of points is the same than for hundreds of points
    in the same amount of time it takes to measure hundreds.
  •   Flexibility  
    V-STARS is highly flexible and adaptable to many applications.
  •   Thermal vacuum chamber  
    Thanks to I-CAN, INCA4 and DynaMo cameras can be used thermal vacuum environments.
    The same high measurement accuracy as V-STARS operating in normal conditions is obtained. This is why V-STARS photogrammetry is used all over the place and in every environment.
  •   Works well in confined space  
    V-STARS is designed to operate in confined spaces and in environments with very difficult line of sight.
  •   Target projection operator  
    The PROSPOT target projection system
    can project up to 22,500 points on a surface in only one flash, replacing physical targets.
    PRO-SPOT is designed for very fast surface inspection, reverse engineering or adjustment purposes.
  •   Minimal temperature effect  
    As the photography is generally completed in less than 10-15 minutes, the effect of thermal expansion / contraction
    on the object being measured is minimized.