V-STARS Single Camera Systems. Based on the INCA4 camera or on the N series cameras.

INCA4 based single camera system N Series based single camera systems

INCA4 camera: "The most versatile and capable camera ever for lndustrial Photogrammetry" - part # V-STARS/S

Inca4 Camera


The INCA4 camera, designed and manufactured by Geodetic Systems Inc. (GSI), is latest generation of INtelligent CAmera. lt is the only camera designed for very high-accuracy measurement via photogrammetry.
The INCA4 camera is well suited for single-camera static measurements (V-STARS/S) systems and for multiple-camera, real-time dynamic measurement (V-STARS/M) systems.

INCA4 is extremely rugged, reliable and well protected. It is very easy to use like our previous INCA cameras. However it features a higher resolution and accuracy, a faster operation, an electronic shutter and a high-speed flash. Like the previous INCA cameras, the INCA4 benefits from an internal image compression and built-in, ultra-fast wireless connectivity for unprecedented wireless operation.

INCA4's features make it ideal for many applications in numerous industries (aerospace, antenna, automotive, heavy engineering, shipbuilding and more).

INCA4 is the most capable camera ever thanks to its sensor, its lens and GSl's proprietary calibration techniques. Its embedded processor performs real-time image compression, processing and supports multiple interfaces for maximum speed and flexibility. INCA4 deserves its name of "INtelligent" CAmera.

The INCA4 is extremely rugged, reliable and protected. It is protected by a metal frame. A "Protective frame" surrounds the camera and the lens. The lens is also protected by an integrated lens cap that never gets lost. The lens and the sensor compartment is completely "sealed" and the electronic shutter generates no particles or debris and never wears out.

Fast - With its fast electronic shutter and integrated stroboscopie flash, INCA4 can measure high-speed events or fast-moving abjects even in full sunlight. INCA4 is an "INstantaneous" CAmera.

Dual laser pointers making aiming easy even in difficult situations. A removable parallax viewfinder is also available.

Can be triggered by either or both hands. The camera's only other button is the menu button. Simple information and feedback displayed on an LCD. Fixed Focus and automatic exposure make the INCA4 a truly "point and shoot" camera.

Wide-Angle Lens. The INCA4's wide field-of-view reduces setback distance. You do not need to be very far to measure a big object.

Interfaces for Maximum Flexibility - Compressed images (typical compression> 10:1) are recorded on a thumb drive (USB disk) for off-line measurements, or are transferred either wired (via GigE), or wirelessly (802.11) for on-line measurements.

Powerful and Portable. INCA4 can measure objects using photogrammetry targets, or via hand-held probes , or via PROSPOT stroboscopic projectors to project high-contrast dots for high-density targetless measurement. All components fit in airplane carry-on or checked baggage size cases.


Features Specifications
Accuracy 4.5um + 4.5 um/M in S-mode
Resolution > 12 million pixels - 4096 pixels Horizontally (H) x 3072 pixels Vertically (V)
Field of view 72 degrees H x 58 degrees V
Image size typically less than 1MB with proprietary image compression
Speed 3 to l0Hz (depending on mode and computer)
Shutter Fully Electronic- less than 50 us minimum exposure time
Features Specifications
Flash Less than 40 us typical exposure time
Power 12-16 Volts, 15 watts , either by thin integrated power and data cable or by battery
Batteries Small (450 grams - 1.5 hours), Medium (900 grams - 3 hrs), Large (2Kg, 8 hours)
Interfaces GigaBit Ethernet (GigE), USB thumb drive, Wireless - 802.11 ac (optional)
Dimensions 127 x 76 x 180mm without battery & handle, 200 x 110 x 180mm with both
Weights 1.5Kg, 3.3 lb. without battery & handle, 2Kg, 4.4 lb with both

N Series: "Systems for any budget and application" - part # V-STARS/N

N series Camera

The V-STARS/N systems from Geodetic Systems, Inc. (GSI) are a comprehensive range of turnkey digital photogrammetry solutions.

The V-STARS/N cameras have been modified and ruggedized to perform high-accuracy 3D measurements. Each system is delivered with GSI’s V-STARS software.

As a photogrammetry system, the V-STARS/N is:

V-STARS/N is used in many industries.

Typical applications include:

1 - Calibrated Lens.
Robust and very accurate.

2 - Robust Design.
Lens guard with self-closing cap surrounding the lens (without touching it) protecting it from shocks.

3 - Protected Internal Flash.
Interlan built-in flash. Not need for an external flash.

4 - Easy to use.
Thanks to the V-STARS/N's' focus, flash, aperture and shutter preset, we tell our customers to just “point and shoot”. An optional wireless interface (802.11g) is available.

5 - Portable.
Every V-STARS/N system (camera, lap top computer, accessories) can be put in a carry on luggage.


Features Silver Gold Platinum
Accuracy 10um + 10um/M 7um + 7um/M 5um + 5um/M
Resolution 24 million pixels 24 million pixels 36 million pixels
Field of view 66 deg. Horiz. x 45 deg. Vert. 74 deg. Horiz. x 53 deg. Vert. 74 deg. Horiz. x 43 deg. Vert.
Wireless Optional Optional Optional
Back up camera Optional Optional Optional
Shutter life 150K 200K 200K
Features Silver Gold Platinum
Lens Guard Yes Yes Yes
Self-capping Yes Yes Yes
Built in flash Yes Yes Yes
External flash Yes Yes Yes
Weight 1.5 kg 1.5 kg 1.5 kg
Dimensions 150 x 150 x 125mm 150 x 150 x 125mm 150 x 150 x 125mm
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