Tactile probes PROSPOT/A projector I-CAN


These wireless (no electronics) hand-held probes enhance measurement versatility
with V-STARS/M and V-STARS/D (multiple camera systems).

Feature points on an object that is not targeted can be measured with any of 16 different probes, each of which uses standard interchangeable CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) tips.
The probes themselves are interchangeable during a measurement without telling V-STARS.
If the probe is changed, V-STARS automatically recognizes the new probe.

Boat Probe Tactile Probes Wheel Probe Probing


PROSPOT projects a dense grid of high-contrast targets (flashed) onto the object surface so that V-STARS measures without any contact.
By projecting the grid of points in one flash (in a fraction of a second) onto object surfaces such as molds,
PROSPOT allows V-STARS to accurately acquire up to 22,500 points on the surface with V-STARS.
The time this takes is the same than for measuring a few tens of points.
PROSPOT can be operated with one or multiple cameras
(in single camera mode or in multiple camera mode). PROSPOT can be moved for larger objects
or where it is required to densify surface measurements.
PROSPOT Features:

PROSPOT projector PROSPOT on a tripod PROSPOT do projection on a car body Probing


I-CAN is a "custom-built canister" that enables V-STARS to measure in hostile environments
like thermal vacuum chambers simulating space conditions.

The GSI's INCA and Dynamo cameras are designed to be installed inside I-CAN. The whole is remotely operated
in thermal vacuum chambers with the same high accuracy than in normal V-STARS measurements.
I-CAN can be operated in a single camera mode and in a multiple camera mode.
I-CAN is fitted with a single thin cable for power and data, with a dry nitrogen purge for cooling
and with a built-in heating and flash systems. I-CAN is able to rotate the camera about its optical axis
to perform the camera self calibration.
The I-CAN controller can manage up to three canisters (one camera in each canister) and measurement is optimum
thanks to a rigid and optically flat quartz viewing window.

PROSPOT projector PROSPOT on a tripod PROSPOT dot projection on a car body
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